Bonus commissions, prizes for Contiki Champion specialists

Bonus commissions, prizes for Contiki Champion specialists

TORONTO — Aiming to help agents connect with Millennials, Contiki has launched its #ContikiChampions 2016 Specialist Program, providing agents with online tools and exclusive resources to both inspire and engage their Millennial clients and ‘gifters’ (i.e. people who give Contiki trips as gifts) to increase sales over the year ahead.

To become a certified Contiki Champion, agents must complete all five mandatory 2016 online trainings, including ‘Europe 2016’, ‘Increase Millennial Sales’ and ‘Target the Gifter Market’, with an 80% score on training quizzes.

“With more than 8.25 million millennials in Canada alone, 18 to 35-year-olds are a crucial demographic for agents to reach, grow and nurture their future sales,” said Contiki Canada President Brad Ford. “Contiki’s experience in working with millennials for the past 50 years means that we can help agents evolve to meet the needs of this influential, engaged and digitally-savvy audience – and being a Contiki Champion is the quickest, easiest and most convenient way to do so.”

Perks include preferred consideration on Contiki fams, social media kits, marketing support and funds, plus spot and tiered incentives for every trip they book; such as:

  • Book two trips: Earn a Contiki prize pack;
  • Book five trips: Earn a $100 Contiki commission voucher;
  • Book 10 trips: Earn a $100 Visa gift card and Contiki backpack; and
  • Book 15 trips: Earn a guaranteed spot on a Contiki fam.

Canadian agents of all ages can experience Contiki first-hand with fam trips to Eastern Europe (May 9 – 15), Thailand (June 5 – 11) and Western Europe (June 17 – 24). For registration forms and more information, agents can visit All applications should be submitted to by Jan. 31.