Blue Diamond Resorts pitches in with beach cleanings

Blue Diamond Resorts pitches in with beach cleanings

TORONTO — Blue Diamond Resorts is doubling down on its commitment to sustainability with monthly beach cleanings at all of its resorts, inviting guests to pitch in for the good of the environment.

“Beaches play an important role in our life,” says the resort company. “In addition to offering several recreational opportunities, they also provide habitats for a variety of flora and fauna. They also offer protection for residents who live near the ocean, cushion the strong winds and waves created by storms as well as encourage activity.”

As part of its sustainability objectives laid out in its 2030 Agenda, Blue Diamond’s resorts in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Costa Rica and the Eastern Caribbean organized 100 beach cleanings that involved 1,601 volunteers. Teams managed to collect a total of 2.6 tonnes of waste.

Beyond the cleanings, the resort company is encouraging all participants to reduce their consumption of plastic materials, especially single-use plastics, and reuse and properly dispose of waste.

“With this, we can improve the quality of life of sea animals as well as coastal ecosystems, on which the food of a third of the world’s population depends and the viability of sun and beach destinations,” says the company.

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