Bermuda eases travel requirements to just antigen tests
Hamilton, Bermuda

Bermuda eases travel requirements to just antigen tests

HAMILTON — Bermuda’s new pre-arrival antigen testing requirement simplifies the travel process for Bermuda visitors, says the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

It’s the first significant loosening of COVID-19 border protocols since the island reopened in July 2020.

Certified antigen tests are now accepted as proof for entry, in  a move that took effect Nov. 29, 2021.

The rapid test result turn-around time, accuracy, and widespread availability of antigen tests will make the pre-arrival process significantly less burdensome for prospective travellers, says Charles H. Jeffers II, Chief Executive Officer, Bermuda Tourism Authority.

The Bermuda Government also announced that follow-up testing for visitors staying seven days or less would only be what is required to return to their destination.

“The shift in protocols is encouraging news for the local industry, and the introduction of the antigen testing reflects a change that we have advocated for on behalf of our stakeholders,” says Jeffers. “With increased vaccination uptake in key markets, vacation-starved travellers have been shopping for their next destination. This move by the government puts us in a stronger market position as we compete with rival destinations touting less stringent travel requirements. To ensure that we remain a viable and attractive destination for our cruise and airline partners, we must demonstrate that our health and safety protocols meet consumer demand for a safe, streamlined travel experience from beginning to end.”

Vaccinated visitors to Bermuda represent less than 1% of those testing positive while on island (on arrival or post-arrival).