Barbuda gets the star treatment with its very own ad campaign

Barbuda gets the star treatment with its very own ad campaign

CODRINGTON, Barbuda — The Caribbean island of Barbuda is getting the star treatment thanks to a brand new promotional campaign.

For the first time ever the Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority has launched a campaign solely focused on the small island of Barbuda, with an eye to increasing awareness of the destination, and promoting more visits.

The ad’s messaging underscores Barbuda’s ‘hidden gem’ quality. Given there is only “one ferry, two flights and ten taxis”, would-be travellers who see the ad are encouraged to come and visit, “but please, not all at once.”

The visuals showcase Barbuda’s iconic pink sand 17-kilometre Luis Beach.

“This campaign cleverly helps manage expectations because if interested travellers can’t book a flight or room, they will understand exactly why,” says the country’s Tourism Minister, Charles “Max” Fernandez.

He added: “More than that, we hope that this idyllic campaign truly captures the uniqueness and warmth of the local Barbudan community and is in keeping with our strategy to show the world the unsurpassed beauty of the sister island.”

Colin C. James, CEO, Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, says: “We have spent many years marketing Barbuda as part of the overall Antigua and Barbuda package. Barbuda is a special place in its own right and has an increasing number of unique things to offer.”

In the campaign’s two aerial films, shot by a drone, viewers can see the silhouette of the tiny passenger plane flying above the water across Luis Beach, and hear the soothing sounds of the waves, and the national bird, the frigate. Barbuda is home to the largest frigate bird colony in the western hemisphere, with over 100,000 birds. The sanctuary can be visited only by boat with a tour guide.

Barbuda was hit hard by Hurricane Irma in 2017. The past five years have been a period of rebuilding, with new venues including  the almost-completed Barbuda Ocean Club, a Nobu restaurant on Princess Diana Beach, and the island’s first eco-hotel.

As Calsey Joseph, Tourism & Culture Chairperson within the Barbuda Council, says: “We anticipate that Barbuda will be marketed at its peak throughout this campaign. Barbuda offers many opportunities for the perfect getaway – a chance to enjoy nature, the pink sandy beaches, the weather and our popularly known seafood cuisines. Barbuda, we live it…you’ll love it.”

Fully vaccinated visitors to Antigua & Barbuda are no longer required to present a negative PCR or rapid antigen tests for entry to the islands. The updated COVID Protocols took effect March 16, 2022.