Bali awaits news of possible alcohol ban

Bali awaits news of possible alcohol ban

BALI – One of the world’s most popular vacation spots may soon become a party pooper if a new law comes to pass.

According to, Indonesia is considering a law that would ban the production, distribution and consumption of alcohol across the country, including in Bali. If passed, the law would be the first of its kind in Muslim-majority Indonesia.

The bill was introduced by two Islamicist parties – the United Development Party and the Prosperous Justice Party – and is currently being deliberated by Indonesia’s House of Representatives.

There may be some exceptions, like religious rituals and customary activities, but if passed, booze will by and large be banned across the destination. Not surprisingly, the country’s tourism and hospitality sectors have expressed outrage, warning that Indonesia’s tourism will likely plummet as a result.

The country has already begun to restrict the availability of alcohol by outlawing the sale of it in mini marts last year. With a full ban in place, as many as 17 beverage importers and distributors are expected to collapse.

An even scarier side effect would be an increase in bootlegged booze. Bali has seen a rise in home-brewed drinks laced with methanol, which have been linked to the deaths and illness of several tourists. Last month, an Australian woman was treated at hospital in Bali for suspected methanol poisoning.