B.C.’s Travel Best Bets saw 5x the number of inquiries during pandemic

VANCOUVER — How is Travel Best Bets, one of Canada’s largest independent travel companies, getting ahead during the COVID-19 crisis? By having a strong management team, honouring commission splits and offering adequate training to its members, says President Claire Newell.

Newell, who also serves as owner of the 26-year-old, Burnaby, B.C.-based company, is also seeing more agents making the switch from bricks & mortar agencies to home-based opportunities. This, she says, has played a huge factor in the company’s growth.

“Travel Best Bets home-based agent program has experienced 5x the number of inquiries year-over-year from March 15 to May 15,” she says. “Our advisors are really looking to us for support and we want to ensure that they have all of the assurance and tools required to help them continue to manage their business through these difficult times.”

For its existing 210-home-based team members, Travel Best Bets is honouring commission levels for the fiscal year 2021 & 2022, as well as waiving the $20 monthly support fee until at least the end of June 2020.

For new home-based team members, the company has built a complete training program to ensure agents get the education they need to succeed, adds Newell.

“Travel Best Bets is a family and we will get through this together,” she says.

For more details on Travel Best Bets home-based agent program, go to https://travelbestbets.com/services/join-our-team/.

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