ATPCO’s new content keeps track of testing and vaccination requirements

ATPCO’s new content keeps track of testing and vaccination requirements

DULLES, VA — ATPCO has launched new flight shopping content to help air passengers keep better track of which countries and airlines require proof of negative COVID-19 testing and vaccination prior to departure.

The new Routehappy Content: ‘COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Requirements’ centralizes and standardizes content for 102 airlines, covering more than 75% of global available seat kilometers. New information for testing and vaccination requirements is delivered in a structured format that uses simple to understand, uniform text and visuals, allowing consumers to easily sift through conflicting and sometimes confusing information when purchasing airline tickets.

The new dataset is already live on multiple channels, including Sabre and Serko.



“The science is evolving quickly, so countries, airlines, and channels are having to adjust travel requirements at a pace not previously seen. It’s almost impossible for even the savviest travelers to keep up with these changes on their own,” said Jonathan Savitch, Chief Commercial Officer at ATPCO. “As an industry-owned company that exists to make flight shopping easier, these are the challenges we need to tackle by enabling a simple and standard format that can be leveraged from existing connections that channels, systems, and airlines already have with ATPCO. One-off developments won’t work.”

While no government explicitly requires a vaccination to enter its borders as yet, ATPCO has proactively extended this dataset to ensure it can instantly serve the industry as flight shopping requirements evolve. Systems and channels will be able to use their existing connections and integrations of Routehappy Content without the need to undergo new or lengthy development processes.

ATPCO’s Routehappy Content also covers cleaning, masks, temperature checks, blocked seats, and passenger capacity in the same Structured UPA format. ATPCO is also developing options to expand this offering further as consumer and industry needs evolve, such as for digital health passports.

Routehappy, a product differentiation platform for air travel, was acquired by ATPCO in 2018. ATPCO has since fully integrated Routehappy into its organization to provide modern retailing solutions that include dynamic pricing, branded fares, NDC and other distribution capabilities.

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