ATOURZ launches new 2015 Turkey mini brochure

ATOURZ launches new 2015 Turkey mini brochure

TORONTO — Turkey is a  country that spans two continents and the 2015 ATOURZ Turkey mini brochure outlines a range of holidays on both sides of the Bosphorus.

Within its four glossy pages, the 2015 brochure presents a sampling of holidays in Turkey, including several new packages. For example, the brochure features tours such as the ‘4-day Istanbul Explorer’, ‘9-day Rhythm of Turkey’ and ‘12-day Pulse of Lycia’.

Plus ATOURZ will customize any Turkey tour package, depending on travel dates and interests from stopover tours to cruises, and from the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul to the landscapes of Cappadocia.

“As a service to travellers, we can customize your arrangements on any Turkey tour package to suit your personal requirements,” said Amy Filiantris, Product Development Coordinator at ATOURZ. “Travellers with dreams of visiting this wondrously ancient and modern destination now have more options, choices and opportunities than ever.”

The ATOURZ 2015 Turkey mini brochure can be ordered by calling toll-free 1-877-728-6870 (in Toronto, 416-485-6375) or e-mail

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