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AQSC and Victory Cruise Lines unveil new agent certification program

TORONTO — American Queen Steamboat Company and sister brand Victory Cruise Line have enhanced their travel agent certification program just in time for Travel Agent Day.

The new Steamboat and Victory Academy incorporates content for both brands and features on-demand webinars and integrated quizzes. The modules can be taken in any order, however it is recommended that agents start at the beginning and proceed consecutively.

After agents complete the final module and click ‘Finish Course’, they can then download their Steamboat and Victory Academy certified agent certificate.

Agents who are certified will have access to travel agent reduced rates for cruises on American Queen Steamboat Company and Victory Cruise Lines. Additionally, those who have completed the program may be invited on one of the fam trips that take place throughout the year with both brands.

Moreover, agents will receive a certified agent logo that they can display with their auto-signature, website or any other place to help them promote American Queen Steamboat and Victory Cruise Line and increase their sales.

To register, visit MyCruiseAcademy.com.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the program:

Q. If I have already completed Steamboat Academy, do I need to take the new Steamboat & Victory Academy program?

A. No. If you have already obtained your final Steamboat Academy certified agent certificate and completed the program by April 30, 2020; then you are grandfathered into the program. However, we encourage you to continue your education with our ongoing classes and new product launch webinars.

Q. What if I finished the old Steamboat Academy by April 30, 2020 but did not receive my certificate yet?

A. Final certificates for the month of April are in process and will be delivered to your inbox shortly. If you have not received your certificate by May 5, please email Training@aqsc.com

Q. What if I already started the old Steamboat Academy but have not finished the program?

A. You will need to complete the new Steamboat & Victory Academy program.

Q. If I am already a certified agent under the old program, can I take the new Steamboat and Victory Academy program?

A. Yes, agents are always encouraged to stay fresh on product and may take the new academy program anytime.

Q. Do I need a new user name and password for MyCruiseAcademy.com or can I use the same one as my travel agent portal log-on.

A. Yes, you will need to create a new user name and password. The travel agent portals have separate log-ons.

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