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An electric eel in Tennessee has the power to light up a tree

CHATTANOOGA, TN — The magic of Christmas is real, folks. Need proof? There’s an eel in Tennessee that’s able to light up an entire Christmas tree.

The electric eel, aptly named Miguel Wattson, can be found at the Tennessee Aquarium in a specially designed tank that enables his shocks to power strands of lights on a nearby tree.

Miguel releases low-voltage blips of electricity when he is trying to find food, aquarist Kimberly Hurt said. That translates to a rapid, dim blinking of the Christmas lights. When he is eating or excited he emits higher voltage shocks which cause bigger flashes.

Miguel even has his own Twitter account where he shares tweets generated by his sparky self, courtesy of coding by Tennessee Tech University’s iCube center.
“They combined electrical engineering and emerging business communication to give the eel a voice,” center director Kevin Liska previously said in an aquarium statement.

In between Miguel’s tweets boasting statements like “SHAZAM!!!!” and “ka-BLAMEROO!!!!!,” a video posted to the account shows Miguel shaking in his tank as lights on the nearby tree sputter on and off.

The aquarium hopes the Christmas tree will spark love and appreciation for the unusual freshwater fish.

Mission accomplished! And happy holidays to you, Mr. Wattson.



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