American Express survey identifies personalization as top travel priority for Canadians

AMEX survey identifies top travel priority for Canadians

TORONTO — To mark its 100-year anniversary in the travel business, American Express released new survey findings revealing Canadians place a higher premium on the experiences they enjoy through travel.

In fact, over three-quarters (79%) of Canadians value new or unique experiences over the familiar. Additionally, personalization of experiences has become so important that two thirds (66%) of Canadians say they spend more time planning travel that is tailored to their interests and preferences than booking a pre-packaged experience.

“Increasingly, travellers want to see the world on their terms with tailored, personalized experiences that reflect their passions and needs,” said Gerald Parent, Director and General Manager, Canada Travel Servicing, American Express Canada. “It comes as no surprise that 91% of Canadians appreciate a travel service company that strives to customize their experiences.”

Having “meaningful experiences” is more of a priority for Canadian travellers than it is for Americans (46% vs. 23%). Additionally, Canadian travellers want to be involved in all aspects of the trip – from preparing an itinerary to documenting and sharing their experiences with others.

  • Nearly one-third (31%) of Canadians travel more for leisure now than they did five years ago and over one-third (38%) expect to travel more in five years than they do now
  • Most (85%) Canadians believe spending money on travel is an investment worth making
  • Most (87%) Canadians value investing time in life experiences over investing in material possessions (13%) and value meaningful life experiences (89%) over focusing on their profession (11%).

The recent study, which surveyed 1,001 consumers on their attitudes toward travel, also found almost all Canadians (92%) agree that despite digital advances in the travel industry, the value of personal service cannot be replaced.

In addition, nearly three quarters of Canadians (73%) would rather get recommendations or travel directions from a live person as opposed to online (27%), and 60% of Canadians prefer to get help from a live person when making changes to their travel plans.

Some 38% of Canadians share the belief that live travel service professionals will become a more important complement to mobile booking options over the next five years.

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