Americans chant ‘Build That Wall’ while on spring break…in Mexico

Americans chant ‘Build That Wall’ while on spring break…in Mexico

CANCUN — Spring Breakers are not typically known for making the brightest decisions. But one group of American revellers has taken the stereotype of ‘dumb tourist’ to a whole new level while on a recent getaway to Cancun.

According to the Yucatan Times, a group of uber-patriotic students boarded the Captain Hook pirate ship in Cancun, a popular cruise excursion and pirate show. Towards the end of the show, the students drowned out the cast with chants of “Build That Wall”, a direct reference to President Donald Trump’s controversial plan to build a wall between the United States and Mexico.

Locals onboard pleaded with the group to stop their taunts, however “the Americans did not stop at all and continued singing the racist hymn,” reports the Yucatan Times.

The outburst was recounted on Facebook by Peruvian Anaximandro Amable Bruga, who was on the ship. The post reads: “I went with Suly, my wife, to a show aboard a galley in Cancun. At the end of it, a flock of Americans (it’s not clear whether they were drunk or in ‘full’ use of their faculties) started to sing ‘Build the wall.’”

Given that the price of the cruise runs upwards to US$102 per person, one can only assume that these brazen party-goers spent a lot of money to offend and anger the very hosts who were employed to keep them happy.

The Yucatan Times also notes that this may not be an isolated incident. Several workers in the tourism sector have reported a “growing number of complaints” against Spring Breakers who’ve been “offensive, rude and haughty towards Mexican people.”

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