American Airlines eyes the China market with $200 million stake in China Southern Airlines

American Airlines eyes the China market with $200 million stake in China Southern Airlines

BEIJING — American Airlines has agreed to pay $200 million for a stake in China Southern Airlines, one of China’s three major state-owned carriers, in a bid for a bigger share of the country’s growing travel market.

China Southern will expand commercial co-operation, possibly in sales, airport facilities and code-sharing, the airline said in an announcement Tuesday through the Hong Kong stock exchange.

The deal represents 2.76 per cent of China Southern’s shares and requires regulatory approval, the airline said.

Foreign carriers are forging steadily closer ties with Chinese airlines to gain a bigger share of China’s travel market, which is growing while travel in Europe and North America is levelling off. In exchange, Chinese carriers get access to the experience and management skills of foreign airlines.

China is forecast to overtake North America over the next two decades as the biggest air travel market.

Chinese spending on air travel rose 10.6 per cent in 2015, compared with 1.7 per cent in the United States, according to the International Air Travel Association.

China’s overall economic growth is slowing but tourism spending is rising as communist leaders encourage growth of service businesses in an effort to reduce reliance on heavy industry.

Two years ago, Delta Airlines paid $450 million for 3.55 per cent of China Eastern Airlines. The third major U.S. carrier, United Airlines, has a partnership with Air China, the third major Chinese government-owned airline.

Regulators in both China and the United States are reluctant to allow large foreign ownership stakes or management control of their airlines.

China Southern is the biggest of China’s three major state-owned carriers by passenger volume, but is known for sometimes haphazard service, with flights delayed or cancelled with little notice.

China Southern says it operates more than 2,000 flights a day to 224 destinations in 40 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. It says it carried 115 million passengers in 2016.

The partnership with American Airlines “is expected to provide continuous impetus for the company’s long-term growth,” said China Southern’s announcement.

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