American Airlines eliminates seatback TVs for new B737s

American Airlines eliminates seatback TVs for new B737s

FORT WORTH — American Airlines says it will scrap seatback TVs for its new B737 MAX aircraft, given that so many passengers now bring their own tablets and other mobile devices onboard.

In a letter to employees, the airline says it makes more sense to focus on giving passengers the best entertainment and quickest connection options instead of installing seatback options that will soon be obsolete, given the pace of new technology.

Customers bring their own phones and tablets; they’re continually upgraded, easy to use and, most importantly says American Airlines, “they are the technology that our customers have chosen.”

According to the airline, nine in 10 passengers bring their own mobile device with them when they fly.

American Airlines is keeping seatback TVs on most other models of its aircraft, including B777s and B787s and A330s, A350s and A321s.

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