Amadeus launches new search technology, sign up for free trial

Amadeus launches new search technology, sign up for free trial

MIAMI – Today marks the official launch of Amadeus’ new All Fares Plus, a powerful search technology that will surely give travel agents a leg up on online travel companies.

Dubbed “the next generation of graphical low-fare search,” Amadeus All Fares Plus is being rolled out across Canada and the U.S., enabling travel agencies to expand their flight search capabilities and offer more personalized options for their customers. With this solution, Amadeus travel professionals can find and book the lowest fares available without having to compare fares on several websites or systems.

“Agencies have to keep moving forward with their low fare search technology or they’ll get lapped by the competition. It’s a battle out there to find the right low fare, on the right route, with the right parameters that customers want. Amadeus All Fares Plus enables travel professionals to supercharge their search capabilities and levels the competitive playing field by bringing them the industry’s best low fare search capability utilized by the leading online players,” said Scott Alvis, Chief Marketing Officer, Amadeus North America.

In a side-by-side comparison of search technology performed by an independent auditor across the top domestic and international origin and destination combinations in North America, Amadeus technology found the lowest fares more often. The results showed that on average 28% of the time only Amadeus found the lowest fare available (versus Sabre and Travelport), helping agents save clients up to 16% per ticket.

When searching for low fare options, up to 250 recommendations are returned, which can be easily sorted and filtered according to specific criteria to quickly find the best travel solution. Advanced filter options include one-way combinable fares, defined radius around a city or airport, restrictions, preferred airlines, and more. Agents can even target searches for up to nine passengers and six city pairs in a single transaction.

Another feature is the calendar view, which provides the 49 most competitive deals over a +/-3-day range. This allows agents to offer more choice and best deals for price sensitive and flexible travellers. In addition, the solution uses a highly efficient flight connection engine, which builds better routes for a requested itinerary.

Travel agents also have the ability to easily re-price an existing Amadeus passenger name record (PNR) to find lower available fares and other additional savings.

Even more, the product’s intuitive consumer-like graphical interface means no training is required, even for those agents more experienced with a cryptic workflow.

Travel agencies can experience Amadeus All Fares Plus for free during a six-month trial offer, which runs through Aug. 31, 2016.

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