Aloft Hotels announces Emoji room service

Aloft Hotels announces Emoji room service

MANHATTAN — Aloft Hotels is launching a new service called ‘Text it, Get it’ or TiGi for short, at its Manhattan Financial District location, as reported by Mashable today.

The concept involves a menu of six packages that guests can order. They’ll then text a string of emoji, their last name and room number to the hotel, receive a confirmation and before long their package will show up to their room.

For example, if guests wish to order ‘The Hangover’ package, they need to text the water droplet, pill and banana emoji and hotel room service will promptly deliver vitaminwater, Advil and bananas.

Aloft Hotels announces Emoji room service

“Our guests can now talk to us like they talk to each other,” Paige Francis, vice president of global marketing for Starwood Hotels, told Mashable.

For the moment, emoji room service is only available at the one location, but could expand to Europe, Asia and the rest of the U.S. within the coming weeks.

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