Alberta Motor Association says reporting vastly improved since moving to Global Matrix cloud-based accounting services

Alberta Motor Association says reporting vastly improved since moving to Global Matrix cloud-based accounting servicesMARKHAM, ON — Since the Alberta Motor Association (AMA) moved its back office to Global Matrix’s ‘all-inclusive’ cloud-based accounting services two years ago, it says it has seen many benefits from the real time reporting tools.

“Our senior management team is very pleased with the enhanced reporting capabilities and management information,” says Michelle Chimko, Chief Operating Officer, AMA. “And, Global Matrix has enabled us to provide our agents with much improved and readily available business intelligence to grow their sales.”

Chimko says that AMA can now customize and replicate reports, access analytical data instantly, and integrate reports seamlessly with Microsoft Excel. As well, the program provides AMA with the following benefits:

  • Frontline ability to manage clients’ travel plans and produce travel documents.
  • Financial and Operational management and reporting.
  • Open access to real time data and reporting, supporting requirements for business intelligence.
  • The ability to quickly deliver interfaces with other systems, using GM’s toolset to integrate real time data to several third party systems such as Insurance and Air Canada.

AMA has also found that the Global Matrix system has had a direct and concrete benefit to its agents and members in cases of emergencies and sudden events. AMA customized the system so that filling in emergency contact information for each booking was required using a detailed checklist for the agent to fill out for each client. When the Boston Bombings occurred earlier this year, AMA was able to quickly retrieve members’ information and contact every member travelling in the Boston area at that time.

The checklist prompts AMA agents to collect all relevant information and to confirm such details as passenger travel document confirmation, insurance details, follow up calls and emergency contacts.

Global Matrix has been supporting travel agency chains for many decades. The company provides a full suite of Internet-based accounting services for travel agencies, as well as business information systems. The company has customers in 13 countries around the world and their clients have the ability to access their information wherever they have an Internet connection.

“We know we can deliver real savings to our clients, both in removing the need for manual accounting practices, as well as providing in real time, business reporting tools that help agencies improve their commission collection, which goes straight to the bottom line,” said Graham Irvine, President, Global Matrix.

“Our system captures each booking directly to the GL and to all other systems. We can interface with any systems an agency uses, using web services.”

Another feature of Global Matrix is that it is not tied to one GDS system…it is independent of GDS, so agencies can change their GDS without impact, Irvine said.

The Global Matrix implementation is efficient and there is no capital cost to the client. “Because we use the cloud, there is no hefty up-front cost to a new customer, and that is a huge advantage in choosing Global Matrix over any of our competitors,” said Irvine. “Our system is appreciated by management and the front-line alike, because it provides real time reporting at every level of the business.”