Airlink will continue operating on routes abandoned by SAA

JOHANNESBURG — Airlink, a privately-run South African airline, will operate services linking Johannesburg with Port Elizabeth, Entebbe, Ndola and Luanda after Feb. 29, even though its franchise partner, South African Airways (SAA), will stop serving those destinations from that date.

“We want to reassure travelers that as far as Airlink is concerned, it is business as usual! Our schedule and operations are unaffected by SAA’s latest network cuts,” says Rodger Foster, Airlink CEO and Managing Director.

SAA has been struggling in recent months. In November 2019 the carrier was hit hard by a strike, with extensive cancellations.

Airlink has been operating flights to Entebbe, Uganda on SAA’s behalf and will continue these services without disruption after Feb. 29.

Currently Airlink operates two flights a day to Ndola, Zambia, which will allow travellers booked on SAA’s own flights to be re-accommodated on Airlink after Feb. 29 with no interruption.

Airlink recently secured traffic rights to operate daily direct flights to Luanda, Angola. It will begin this service after Feb. 29.

“Our flights will operate under the SA8 flight code until June 10, after which they will be operated under Airlink’s unique 4Z code.

4Z tickets are already available through travel agents, tour operators and online at,” said Foster.

Tickets already issued for travel on SAA flight numbers on these routes, after Feb. 29, will remain valid, subject to re-accommodation by Airlink. Customers holding those tickets may apply to SAA for re-accommodation onto Airlink’s flights. Those who do not want to be re-accommodated, may apply to SAA for a refund in line with its Business Rescue refund policies.

Customers requiring assistance are asked to contact Airlink on +27 451 7350 or email