Air Transat pulls off the ultimate prank in new video

Air Transat pulls off the ultimate prank in new video

MONTREAL — What would you do if you were forced to give your unused vacation days to a colleague?

In a new video by Air Transat, this unjust scenario was pitched to employees of an unidentified company during a mock meeting with a Human Resources specialist.

An actor playing the ‘HR guy’ is seen reviewing employees’ unused vacation days, with one saying he used one vacation day to take an exam, and another admitting that she still constantly checked emails while on a recent camping trip.

At this point, a second employee joins the meeting. In sharp contract, these employees are adept at taking their vacation days, using them to their full advantage.

Then, the HR guy drops this bombshell: a new policy called the ‘Vacation Transfer Policy’ will go into effect, which requires Employee A to transfer all of his/her unused vacation days to Employee B, who just used up all of their days on a fun-filled trip to Punta Cana.

No one said life was fair.

Not surprisingly, the idea doesn’t go over so well, especially for those who have to give up their days. One woman says she doesn’t agree with it, while another man flat out refused to sign the policy.

On the flip side, the beneficiary employees can’t contain their glee at the thought of getting more vacation days, even if they are coming at the expense of their colleagues.

Before the situation gets out of hand and in-company feuding begins, the HR guy breaks character and reveals that he really works for Air Transat, a company that thinks “vacations are really important”.

As such, he presents the overworked, vacation-less, deserving employees with a one-week, all expense-paid vacation.

Cue the shocked faces and jubilant smiles!

The video ends with this bit of advice from Air Transat: “You deserve your vacation days. Take them.”