Air Transat Economy Class
Photo courtesy of Air Transat.

Air Transat now offers more flexibility in Economy Class

MONTREAL — Air Transat is introducing new Eco Fares, offering more flexibility and to Economy Class passengers.

The three new Eco Fares offer varying conditions for flight changes or cancellation, so that passengers can modify their travel dates or even cancel their trip if necessary. Eco Fares are now available for all Air Transat flights.

“Because each vacation is unique, we’re pleased to provide vacationers with more choices with the introduction of our new Eco Fares,” says Jean-François Lemay, Air Transat General Manager. “Travellers were already able to select their onboard level of service by opting either for Economy Class, Option Plus or Club Class, now they’ll also be able to choose the level of flexibility they would like on their travels down south or to Europe.”

The three types of Eco Fares offered in Economy are available at different rates and with varying conditions. Eco, offered at the best available rate, permits travellers to make changes upon payment of a fee. Eco Extra, available at an affordable price, allows changes at a lower fee than Eco. The third option, Eco Max, offers maximum flexibility by permitting changes and cancelations at the lowest fee available.

Eco Fares are not available when purchasing a package.