Air Transat announces year-round Marseille service, extends flights to Nantes

Air Transat announces year-round Marseille service, extends flights to Nantes

MONTREAL — Air Transat is once again expanding its operations in the French market, with two exclusive direct routes departing from Montreal.

The airline is adding Marseille and the region of Provence to its roster of year-round destinations, and will also be extending nonstop service to Nantes. Flights that initially ended in the fall will now be operated until Jan. 24, 2024, allowing passengers more flexibility when travelling to western France. 

This marks the second time this year that Air Transat has ramped up operations in the French market. Earlier this winter, it announced the annualization of service to Lyon.

“Annualizing key routes of our flight network is at the core of our strategy, which is facilitated by the agility of our Airbus A321LR fleet,” says Michèle Barre, Air Transat’s Chief Revenue Officer. “In the fall of 2022, we extended our service to Marseille until the end of the year for the very first time. Given the success of this initiative, we are delighted to repeat the experience, this time to Nantes.”

Barre adds that demand for the French provinces is “skyrocketing” and that as the leading carrier between Quebec and France, Air Transat is “happy to offer our world-class in-flight experience to an expanding clientele.”

Air Transat is the only airline to offer direct flights from Canada to the airports of Marseille and Nantes. A total of seven French cities will be served nonstop this year, including three on a year-round schedule, namely Paris, Lyon and now Marseille.

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