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Agents can earn a wildcard spot on G Adventures’ Change Makers Summit

TORONTO — The agent who books the highest number of individual travellers on G Adventures tours in February will have a chance to earn a wildcard space to the company’s ‘Change Makers Summit’, a global gathering of more than 100 travel agents taking place at an undisclosed location June 2 – 9.

In total five wildcards will be given away globally, with just one agent from Canada earning a wildcard space for most lives changed through G Adventures bookings in the month of February.

Three agents from Canada will be selected based on a ‘social submission’ entry, either written or video, that demonstrates how they’ve given back to others and / or their community. Those entries are due by Feb. 28 and can be submitted via Sherpa, G Adventures’ booking tool.

Ten agents from Canada will earn their place on the Change Makers Summit by changing the most lives with the most individuals booked during the campaign period (Oct. 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019). One more wildcard space will be up for grabs during the month of March. All in all 15 agents from Canada will get a spot on the trip.

The ‘Change Makers Challenge’ is G Adventures’ largest agent incentive to-date and the first of its kind to not focus purely on sales.

“Just as we do on all our trips, we want to bring agents from different parts of the world together, to connect with each other, with our team of Global Purpose Specialists, and with local people in the destination we are travelling to. Now, more than ever, our world deserves more change-making agents, and more global connection,” says David Green, Vice President, G Adventures.

Green adds: “G Adventures’ purpose as an organization is to change lives through travel, and this incentive is designed to remind our valued partners that every G Adventures trip they sell has a positive impact on people, not just on profit.

“Back in 2013, we renamed our regional sales managers ‘Global Purpose Specialists’ in recognition of the work they do to help agents realize their purpose, and this incentive is an extension of that goal. We know purpose-driven employees are more engaged and passionate, so we want to remind agents why they love what they do.”

The Change Makers Challenge culminates in the Change Makers Summit where more than 100 agent Change Makers from the UK and Ireland, Europe, Canada, the U.S. and Australia & New Zealand will be brought together to meet members of G Adventures’ team of senior leaders and Global Purpose Specialists from around the world.

The Change Makers Summit will comprise of a week-long trip where agents will see first-hand the impact responsible travel has on local communities, and includes destination highlights to help build their product knowledge, says Green.

At the end of the trip, they’ll have a full-day, immersive G Adventures learning experience, and then a party night to remember.

Agents can visit https://sherpa.gadventures.com/change-makers/ or speak to their local Global Purpose Specialist for more information. Terms and conditions apply; see gadventures.com/changemakers for more details.