Agencia Global: Over $1 billion of airfare sold in 2017, and growing

Agencia Global: Over $1 billion of airfare sold in 2017, and growing

As a travel agent, what matters to you when choosing which consolidator to work with? Is it strictly price? Is it a wide range of product with as many air providers as possible? Is it the simplicity of the booking process and customer support? Voyages a la Carte’s new online platform, Agencia Global, seems to provide the most comprehensive product that addresses all of these concerns.

Here are a few key features:

Relationships and Content

With over $1 billion in airfare sold in 2017 and contracts with over 160 airlines, Voyages a la Carte has forged strong and dynamic relationships with the top airlines in the world. These relationships translate directly to Agencia Global and, in turn, to its travel agent customers. Travel agents can enjoy the benefits of these partnerships and access top content, exclusive offers, and the highest levels of support for their customers.

The Agencia Global team

The Agencia Global team

Technology Made Easy

Agencia Global utilizes its extensive history in travel and couples that with top technology. The development team at Agencia Global is listening to agents and has created a clean, fast, and simple to use product with no training required. Travel agents with any type of experience level can seamlessly search, book, add markup, and support their bookings simply and easily through all steps of the booking and post-booking process.

Technology Leads to Efficiency

Travel agent tools have traditionally lagged behind from a technology perspective. This led to inefficiencies that cost money. These costs were passed on to the travel agent and, in turn, to the agencies’ customers. Voyages a la Carte utilized its technology expertise to create value that it can pass on to their customers. Agents (both home-based and traditional) can register to for free, make bookings with no transactional fee, and access the most competitive fares on the market. The online tool then makes it easy for agents to add their own markup dynamically and quickly.

Changing and Growing

At Agencia Global, Customer Service and Operations listen to the needs of travel agents and effectively translates these needs into change on the platform. Agencia constantly improves the functionality of the site and adds features to the platform to make the booking process as easy as possible.

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