Adorable boy says exactly what we all wish we could say to air passenger with stinky bare feet

ORLANDO — Kids say the darndest things, especially in the company of rude travellers.

While flying home to Texas following a family vacation to Walt Disney World in Florida, four-year-old Rodney Small gave a little piece of his mind to the female passenger sitting behind him whose bare foot had crept its way onto his armrest.

Rodney’s father, Darryl Small, caught the adorable boy’s reaction on camera.

“There’s stinky feet behind me!” Rodney said.

Assuming at first that the foot belonged to a male passenger, Rodney seemed floored after determining the stinky offender was, in fact, a woman.

“It’s a lady!” he cried out while his father laughed.

If you think little Rodney was just going to let it go, think again – he didn’t think twice about turning around and telling the woman where to stick her stinky foot.

“Hey buddy! You have your feet behind me!” he said, prompting the foot to quickly disappear.

Speaking to Unilad, his father said: “Sometimes adults hold back with confronting others to keep the peace. But as a child he voiced his concerns and his facial expressions and reaction made it hilarious.”

Darryl also told ‘Good Morning America’ that the woman eventually apologized, and that his son was merely implementing the same ‘feet-off-the-furniture’ rule that’s kept at home.

“He was just curious as to why that rule didn’t apply to the lady sitting behind him,” said Darryl. “I wasn’t offended at all but his reaction just caught me by surprise and ended up being the highlight of our trip.”

Leave it to a four-year-old to speak the truth! If only we all had the same guts in the face of stinky feet.

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