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ACTA’s new FAQ offers context amid the fallout from Budget 2022

TORONTO — ACTA has posted a Budget 2022 FAQ with frequently asked questions and answers about the end of the federal government’s pandemic aid and subsidies.

ACTA President Wendy Paradis says ACTA is hearing from travel agencies and independent travel agents their frustration and disappointment in the wake of the April 7 federal budget and the end of the government’s pandemic support.

“ACTA is also disappointed — but not surprised — as there were many signals coming from the government close to the federal budget release that COVID-related subsidies were ending,” said Paradis.

“ACTA understands some travel agencies and independent travel agents are disappointed and understandably upset that financial subsidies were not included in the federal budget,” she added.

“At this point, it is clear that further pursuing financial subsidies after a definite ‘no’ is not in our members’ interest, when there is no reasonable prospect of success. We also do not want to give travel agencies and independent travel agents false hope.”

ACTA’s FAQ can be found here.

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