ACTA announces board of directors for 2023-2024

“Education is a key pillar”: ACTA launches Diversity & Inclusion courses for members, with savings

TORONTO — ACTA has launched brand new Diversity & Inclusion initiatives and courses, in keeping with its commitment to diversity and inclusion within ACTA and the travel industry through education.

“We are pleased to launch this initiative in conjunction with Black History month. We recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion at ACTA and in the travel industry and we believe making these  courses available to our members is an important step forward,” said Wendy Paradis, President, ACTA. “Education is a key pillar within ACTA and the addition of these courses will help expand awareness and action within our industry.”

To that end ACTA has partnered with The Canadian Diversity Initiative, an organization with courses used by companies, non-profits, government agencies and educational institutions across Canada. The online courses are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure that content is  accurate and the learning experience is user-friendly, engaging, and practical, says Paradis.

As part of its partnership with The Canadian Diversity Initiative, ACTA will offer savings of up to 30% on diversity and inclusion courses to ACTA members. The organization’s made-in-Canada diversity and inclusion online training includes:

  • Unconscious Bias – in English, and French available in February 2022
  • Respect and Inclusion in the Workplace – in English, and French available in February 2022
  • LGBTQ2+ Diversity and Inclusion Training for Workplaces – in English
  • Canadian Indigenous Culture Training: The Truth & Reconciliation Edition – in English

To get started, check out

ACTA’s 2021 Canadian Travel Industry Summit included presentations from Dahabo Ahmed-Omer, Executive Director of the BlackNorth Initiative, and Tammy Webster, Indigenous Education and Equity Consultant with Kitigan Zibi Algonquin First Nation.

“Since the Summit, ACTA’s focus has been to bring training on diversity and inclusion to the Canadian  travel industry,” said Paradis. “We believe this partnership [with The Canadian Diversity Initiative] is an important step to reaching that goal.”


ACTA has also signed the BlackNorth Initiative Pledge. The BlackNorth Initiative Pledge has been signed by many company CEOs and demonstrates ACTA’s commitment to  addressing the needs of its diverse employees and increasing equity for all, including, but not limited to, Black, Asian, and other racialized communities in Canada, Indigenous peoples, members of the LGBTQ2+ community, persons with disabilities, and women, says Paradis.

ACTA’s BlackNorth Initiative Pledge can be viewed here.

As part of the BlackNorth Initiative Pledge, ACTA has also created a new ACTA Board of Directors Diversity and Inclusion Committee to ensure that ACTA, as an organization and a leader in the Canadian travel industry, is meeting its goals toward ending anti-Black systemic racism and creating opportunities for under-represented groups.

Along with training, the ACTA  Board Committee looks forward to collaborating with the BlackNorth Initiative, community groups and key stakeholders in the Canadian travel industry, says Paradis.

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