“A new kind of green”: Contiki unveils new brand identity

“A new kind of green”: Contiki unveils new brand identity

TORONTO — Contiki has unveiled a new brand identity, one that centers on fun, sustainability and “a new kind of green.”

Launching today, Jan. 18, the brand refresh comes complete with a new look and feel, led by a vivid colour of ‘Contiki Green’ that represents the company’s commitment to green travel. It has set a goal to become entirely carbon neutral, starting this month, all the while maintaining its reputation for providing fun, social experiences to Gen- Z and Millennial clients.

“Contiki trips are intelligently designed to be 100% carbon neutral but sacrifice none of the fun or wonderful experiences to achieve this,” says Tasha Hayes, Contiki’s Sustainability Officer. “We know sustainability is incredibly important to our clients, but so is a complete travel experience and having a great time. We’ve looked at everything, from our processes to communication, to align with the ‘new kind of green’.”

Simon Llanos, Contiki’s Chief Marketing Officer, added that Contiki’s new aesthetic is an expression of its values.

“The evolution firmly places community at the heart of everything we do at Contiki. It expresses the emotional excitement of sharing your first travel moments with new friends from across the world,” he said. “Even when we were locked down in our homes, we were still connecting, still dreaming about travel and co-creating some inspirational content with our guests and partners. So for 2022 and beyond, we live by our brand ethos of ‘Travel.Together.’, which means to travel with one another, the cultures we enjoy and the environment, too.”

For more information about Contiki’s rebrand click here.

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