A deer walks into a high-end boutique and gets caught red-handed among the clothes

ROME — “Does this outfit make me look fat?” said the deer in a high-end Italian boutique. Of course not, deerie, but that green looks hideous on you.

A clothing store in the fashionable mountain resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo, on the Italian Dolomites, recently served one of its wildest customers ever – a dazed and confused deer that stormed through its doors while the shop was unattended.

Estimated to be four or five years old, local authorities said Tuesday that the animal got trapped inside among the clothes.

Perhaps it should’ve tried a larger size?

Authorities said it was necessary to cordon off Cortina’s shopping square to allow local veterinarians to catch the animal, anesthetize it and then bring it back to the wild.

Cortina mayor Gianpaolo Ghedina said that “luckily, all ended well. Once the animal was sedated, it was brought back to the woods and then freed” (hopefully with news of the latest fashion trends).

With file from The Associated Press

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