A very cautious easing of restrictions for sure, but looks like the mandatory quarantine rules are starting to get phased out

58% of Canadians see hotel quarantine as ‘necessary’, but only 30% think it’s effective: Angus Reid poll

VANCOUVER — The latest Angus Reid Institute poll surveying Canadians’ opinions on COVID-19 travel restrictions suggests that a majority of Canadians see the 3-day hotel quarantine as necessary, even if less than one in three Canadians consider it an effective measure against protecting the country during the pandemic.

Posted today at the Angus Reid Institute’s site, the poll shows that 58% of Canadians see the hotel quarantine as a “necessary” measure.

Meanwhile only 30% think the hotel quarantine is effective in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

Three out of 10 Canadians said the hotel quarantine should be discontinued. But 52% said they thought the hotel quarantine measure should remain in place until at least September 2021.



Four in five Canadians (80%) support the 14-day quarantine, according to the poll. Just over one-third (37%) say they believe fully vaccinated Canadians should be exempt from the 14-day quarantine.

A very slight majority (51%) of Canadians say they support a full ban against international travel, down from 65% in a January poll.

As for reopening the Canada – U.S. border, 25% indicated they would feel comfortable reopening the border this fall, and 31% said the end of the year.

A summary of the survey also notes that while 29% of respondents said life will never ‘go back to normal’ as it was pre-pandemic, those who indicated they will not be vaccinated were twice as likely to answer ‘never’ compared to respondents who have been vaccinated, or plan to be vaccinated.

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