Corporate travel seeing a slow but steady rebound, says new survey

52% of Canadian business travellers upbeat about getting back on the road

TORONTO — An overwhelming majority of Canadian business travellers say they view the implementation of health and safety protocols as a critical factor for resuming corporate travel.

And while 46% said they feel some worries about resuming travel once restrictions are lifted, some 28% said they feel excited about getting back on the road, and more than half (52%) report positive feelings about travelling for business again.

The results come from a new SAP Concur survey of business travellers.

Some 93% citied mandatory personal health screenings for travelling employees (40%), limiting travel to only the most critical trips (38%), real-time health and safety updates (34%), and easier access to personal protective equipment (28%) as their top must-haves before returning to the road.

Canadian business travellers also said they expect their company to experience negative outcomes due to travel restrictions around COVID-19, including a reduced number of deals or contracts signed that require in-person interactions (51%) and declines in new business wins that require in-person meetings (44%).


One-third of Canadian business travellers (33%) said they hold themselves accountable for protecting their own well-being once business travel resumes, followed by transportation providers (19%), and then their employers (14%).

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