5 reasons why clients should discover Nicaragua, the hidden gem of Central America

TORONTO — Unspoiled natural beauty, crystal clear beaches, and an exceptionally welcoming culture has propelled Nicaragua “from anonymity to adoration”, says the Nicaraguan Tourism Board.

Nestled between Costa Rica and Honduras, this Central American gem is enjoying a tourism renaissance.

Here are five must-do experiences for any client still unacquainted with Central America’s new up-and-comer, courtesy of the Nicaraguan Tourism Board…


Rich in both authentic culture and biodiversity, Nicaragua is an adventurer’s paradise. With 78 protected areas and a plethora of natural parks, the hiker, the spelunker and kayaker will be spoiled for choice. Ever heard of Volcano Sandboarding? It’s been described as “unforgettable on the way up, exhilarating on the way down”. Meanwhile Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro is another kind of paradise, with 2,400 feet of volcanic vistas and undisturbed natural wonder. Clients can cap off a day of hiking to the caldera with a joyride down the black sand slope. Needless to say, the faint-hearted need not apply.


Eternally misty and more than a little mysterious, Nicaragua’s famous cloud forests tempt travellers with a hiking experience unlike any other. Charming sky bridges snake between secluded rainforest canopies, the thrill of tropical birds and rare howler monkeys punctuating the ambiance. Whether you’re wandering the walkways of Maderas or soaring through Mombacho by zipline, Nicaragua’s natural beauty will leave clients on cloud nine, says the tourism board.


In a part of the world with no shortage of all-inclusive resorts vying for your client’s patronage, Nicaragua stands out from the crowd, says the tourism board. The key to Nicaragua’s success? Diversity in experience. The versatility of Nicaragua as a destination means that all-inclusives go beyond the beach and offer attractions like horseback riding and river rafting. In the 500-year old colonial city of Granada, clients can stay at Hotel Plaza Colón. For those seeking inner peace, Jicaro Lodge is a private island getaway to nourish the soul. If clients are craving R&R they might gravitate to Yemaya Island Getaway & Spa or the remote island splendor of Little Corn Beach and Bungalow, recently recognized as one of the best affordable island hotels in the world.


With a fascinating and complex history, Nicaragua has a richness in art, architecture, and culture that any other country would be envious of, says the tourism board. Nowhere is this more evident than in Granada, Nicaragua’s oldest city and cultural centre. Resplendent with classic colonial architecture and anachronistic charm, Granada is the sum of Nicaragua’s history crystallized into one dynamic destination. “Whether you’re wandering the streets and museums or just taking in the performances in the square, Granada is one history lesson you won’t want to sleep through.”


Here’s a mantra for any coffee aficionado: If you love a good cup of joe, Nicaragua is where you must go. The green hills of the Nicaraguan countryside serve as the perfect growing environment for some truly delectable organic blends. Mildly acidic with a smooth body and a nutty bouquet, Nicaragua’s sustainably grown coffee beans have won fans the world over. Part countryside sightseeing, part caffeinated heaven, a coffee tour in Matagalpa is all visitors need to become true believers.

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