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‘100 Rockin’ Rewards’ for agents with Carnival’s WUATA campaign

MIAMI — Carnival has redoubled its outreach to the trade with its 2020 update of its popular WUATA campaign, now with ‘100 Rockin’ Rewards’ for travel advisors.

WUATA (Why Use A Travel Agent) was first launched in March 2019. Carnival held its first Canadian WUATA party for consumers and their travel agents in Toronto in July 2019.

The 2020 version focuses on ‘100 Reasons Why Use a Travel Advisor’, and includes a new booking promotion: ‘100 Rockin’ Rewards’.

Agents can earn 100 bonus reward points for every five bookings they enter in the Loyalty Rocks! Rewards Program between Jan. 13 and Feb. 29, 2020, up to 1,000 points.

Bonus points will be incremental to the standard reward points for each of these bookings, says Carnival.

The cruise line notes that the 100 Reasons WUATA initiative raises awareness about how travel advisors create value for their clients, with the goal of reaching more consumers this year and encouraging them to use a travel advisor.

New for the 2020 program is the debut of monthly initiatives with 100 different giveaways, events, rewards and more to benefit travel advisors and their clients.

“Last year’s WUATA campaign was such a success and so well-received, we knew we had to keep it going — but with 100 times more fun!” said Adolfo M. Perez, Carnival’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Trade Marketing.

“Every month in 2020 we’ll roll out fun initiatives for travel agents and their clients to participate in 100 Reasons Why Use a Travel Advisor. We’re going to educate clients and make sure consumers know that a travel advisor’s knowledge and experience are game changers when booking a vacation.”

To participate in the 100 Rockin’ Rewards promotion, agents are asked to complete the opt-in form available on and enter their bookings in the Loyalty Rocks Rewards Program.

Reward points can be redeemed for gift cards, merchandise, electronics and more.

Agents and their clients can keep up with the latest monthly initiatives by visiting or following the WUATA Facebook page and the Carnival Trade Facebook page.

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