Your opinion matters, take the 2019 National Travel Agent Survey

Rob Glennie Consulting has opened the 2019 National Travel Agent Survey.

This year it has been expanded to cover a broader range of agents – not just home-based – and this will increase its value to agents, suppliers, tourist boards and the industry.

The survey has provided invaluable insight into the phenomenal growth of home-based agents in Canada – as well as the U.S. and the U.K.

This year, the survey will have four different streams:

  • Home-Based / Hosted Agent – Commission Only
  • Call Centre, Office or Storefront Agent – Commission Only
  • Call Centre, Office or Storefront Agent – Salary + Commission
  • Call Centre, Office or Storefront Agent – 100% Salary

You can take the survey here:

Why should I bother?

The more agents who complete the survey, including different types of agents, the better and more revealing the results will be for everyone. Your opinion really does matter and this is your opportunity to provide your suppliers and other industry partners a greater insight into what is important to you.

The survey provides unique insight into the entire retail sector and will help suppliers and tourist boards better understand the similarities – and the differences – of the four different types of agents.

This, in turn, will help them better serve these groups and tailor their training and support to suit the needs of each group, including product training, FAM trips, sales support, collateral etc.

The survey will still provide demographic data on the income levels, job satisfaction and overall happiness of different types of agents.

What have we learned so far?

Last year over 500 home-based agents took the survey and the results provided very interesting information about home based agents. Here are just three of the highlights:

  • 89.8% of home-based agents believe they have a better work life balance than when they worked in an agency.
  • 91.9% of agents who moved over to become home-based agents said they were happier than when they worked in an agency.
  • 52% of the home-based agents who responded have only ever worked as a home-based agent, which suggests that home based agents have been around for longer than is commonly thought.

So consider taking a few minutes to complete the survey. There are prizes too!

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