Why you should be a mentor

Why you should be a mentor

Why you should be a mentor

Last month I wrote about mentoring – as the dictionary says, being “a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher”. I mentioned the many benefits of finding your own mentor to help you succeed in your business.

Just as young people or newcomers to the industry benefit greatly from being mentored, don’t overlook the benefits of you taking on a mentoring role. People can learn only so much from webinars and training: the art of selling calls for a much more human touch.

Mentors find enormous satisfaction in helping others and making a difference. Okay, so you’ll never get rich, but you’ll be making a memorable difference in a person’s life.

Not enough time to mentor? (Probably the number one reason people are reluctant to commit.) It needn’t be more than a 20-minute chat once every two weeks. And if you’re wary of a never-ending commitment, why not agree with your ‘mentee’ that you’ll do this for three, or six, months to start?

Communication needn’t be in person:  Skype or phone is good too and better than long-winded and time-consuming e-mail exchanges.  The wiser you are, the fewer words you need and you can get to the point quickly!

And no, you don’t have to have grey hair to be a mentor. If you feel you have a good handle on the industry and are proud of your successes, you qualify!

Speak to your host agency to see if there’s a newcomer who might appreciate some pointers from you. You never know: your mentee may end up being a friend for life!

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