Travel Edge aims to attract the best in the industry, and those looking to join the business

Travel Edge aims to attract the best in the industry, and those looking to join the business

Travel Edge aims to attract the best in the industry, and those looking to join the business

When it comes to picking a host agency, support is key. Travel Edge has invested in a dedicated department to support the professional development and growth of its advisors. Whether agents are new to the industry or experienced sales professionals, Travel Edge has a wealth of innovative programs on offer.

“Deciding to run your own business can be a daunting move. However, successful advisors who make this decision can typically benefit from richer compensation and more lifestyle flexibility,” says Cheryl Nicholson, Executive Vice President, Leisure, Travel Edge. “Making the transition as smooth as possible is the key to longer term success. Our Agent Services programs are designed to shorten the transition period. Advisors have also specifically shared with us that they would not have been able to make the change without the use of our proprietary booking software, ADX.”

Nicholson adds: “Travel Edge offers advisors access to the industry’s most competitive commissions with transparent split levels that increase as the advisor’s business grows. We know that professional advisors are also looking for a host agency that continues to invest in their success. Some of our recently enhanced programs include a mentoring program that invests in experienced advisors who choose to mentor new to industry advisors. This allows Travel Edge to attract the best within the industry and those looking to join the business.”

There are currently about 700 travel advisors working with Travel Edge and the company is targeting double-digit growth year over year.

Here’s a look at a selection of Travel Edge’s top programs…



Mentoring Program

This program is a medium for support, growth and inspiration. By becoming a mentor, this program offers experienced advisors a new way to earn incremental revenue, faster. It also provides them with the opportunity to support a mentee’s personal and professional growth by sharing knowledge they have learned through years of experience. For new advisors, the benefit comes from gaining invaluable access to insider information and learning the skills required to create true, bespoke, luxury experiences for their clients. This is a structured program with an official process which sees advisors connecting with each other, agreeing to enter into a Mentoring relationship and ultimately signing a two-year agreement.


Succession Planning Program

Travel Edge has seen a growth in the number of advisors who have entered the travel industry from other professional careers, including former attorneys, doctors and business owners. Paired with the professional development programs such as the Mentoring Program, Succession Planning gives these advisors options. “With this program, we want to provide our advisors with support so that they feel empowered to make informed business decisions,” says Nicholson.


Certification Program

Travel Edge’s in-house team of experts behind the development of this program, combined, has over 50 years’ experience developing training programs within the travel industry. This industry-leading Certification Program platform will empower Travel Edge advisors to continuously learn and improve their skills; available as online learning or by attending in-person Accelerated Learning Events.



Travel Edge’s community platform, AgentShare, connects its entire network of advisors with each other with the sole purpose of helping them to support and inspire one another. “The platform allows our advisors to feel a part of the Travel Edge community, which is something that we really value especially as many of our advisors are remote based,” says Nicholson. AgentShare provides a forum to share top tips, first-hand experiences and personal and professional recommendations. The knowledge shared on this platform is 100% user generated which makes this tool invaluable.


Top Performers Event

This all-expenses-paid event happens at the end of each year and is available to Travel Edge advisors who achieve Chairman’s Circle status, and is held at an exclusive, luxurious location with all costs, including airfare, covered by Travel Edge. Examples of past locations include Cabo in Mexico and Costa Rica’s Gulf Papayago.



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