The art of the upsell

The art of the upsell

Did you pick the cheapest car on the lot? The least expensive dress in the store? I’ll bet you didn’t.

So it’s such a shame that some of us are still stuck in the mentality of “what the client wants is the cheapest”.

Especially now, when we are seeing pent-up demand for travel battling it out with filled airplanes, cruises ships and hotels.

With the new “I deserve it” mentality, the 3* client is now the 4* client – or maybe 5*.  Airlines are reporting that business and first class seats are now filled with leisure rather than corporate travellers. Clients have their wallets open, for sure.

Which is why now is the best time ever for you to perfect the art of the upsell. You’ll have happier clients – and a rosier bank account. Here are some tips to make both those things happen:

  • If they’re buying air only (who does that anymore?), they’re going for a reason – what is it? Do they need a car? Hotel? Event tickets?
  • Instead of just a room, how about a suite? Does it include breakfast? Hotel credit? Etc?
  • Compare prices. If a hotel is further away from where they want to be, it’ll cost them to get there with transportation. Explain that it’s better to stay closer even if it “seems” more expensive – chances are it will be the same – or even less – plus more convenient, in the end. Plus it will save them time.
  • Think of the entire journey end to end. Do they need airport transfers, at home and in destination? (a great opportunity to upgrade them to a limo service). Restaurant reservations, private guides for walking tours, cooking classes, shopping excursions are all possible. You can even arrange to ship their luggage ahead of time.

The more you build into the itinerary, the more you become your clients’ travel concierge – and the less likely they’ll try in future to buy their vacation off the shelf.

And never sell out of your own wallet!

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