Taking advantage of the quiet summer weeks: 5 tips to keep you motivated in August

08.18_web_01Chances are your summers are your quietest times. So unless you are out travelling (see last month’s column!) why not take the time to re-group and re-organize?

Here are five suggestions that can help you make the most of your downtime this month.


1) Update your marketing tools. How’s that website looking? Is your blog up-to-date? Need a fresh look to your business cards?


2) Tweak your social media skills by increasing your presence on Facebook, starting to Tweet or sharing your fabulous travel pix on Instagram. Get more active on Linked In – a great source of business.


3) Look around your office. Are you looking at the same poster you hung five years ago? Have you stopped seeing that framed inspirational message? You don’t need to call in an interior decorator to change up the layout of your workspace, ditch dated reading material or hang some sweet photos of your favourite travels. Maybe change your screensaver to feature an image of your dream destination. There’s motivation for you!


4) Promise yourself you’ll meet 10 new clients this month. Summertime, with all its outdoor activities and barbecues, just seems a little more casual than indoor winter socializing. Less “I am making a sales pitch” feel. Take advantage of that.


5) Join a club or association. Tennis. Politics. Zumba. Bridge. Fellow condo tenants. You get to spend time doing what you love to do, and spread the good word about your travel services!

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