Take that, Internet!

Take that, Internet!

Take that, Internet!

I’ll bet you are like me: whenever you explain to someone what you do, and they say “Really? Travel agents still exist?”, you want to sigh. (Or spit.)

Yes, the Internet is full of great travel information and booking sites, but we’ve learned that by providing extra value, knowledge and service, we prove our worth 10 times over.

Which is why it drives me crazy when I see an agent who has simply accumulated a bunch of confirmations for his or her clients, popped them into an email and closed the books on that booking.

Folks, we have to be better than the Internet. Itineraries must be detailed but exciting, in chronological order and including more than just a confirmation number or a PNR. Build the anticipation and credibility by including shopping, sightseeing and restaurant reviews and, if you can, personal insights and recommendations. Even travel advisories.

There are some excellent services that will enable you to present your itineraries in an attractive way. (Travel 42 and Umapped come to mind). Ask if your host agency subscribes to such a service, get some training on it and I promise it will be great for your client relationships and your brand.

Your clients will want to share their itineraries with friends and family and help spread the word about what a great travel advisor you are!

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