Going home-based? Humber course still has spots, plus host agencies are here to help

Survey explains rapid growth in home-based agent sector

Survey explains rapid growth in home-based agent sector

Over 60% of home-based travel agents were already experienced agents before going home-based and 50% had decided to go home-based in the last five years, explaining the rapid growth in this sector recently.

The statistics come from an independent survey of home-based agents across Canada. It provides clear insight for the first time into why so many experienced agents are choosing to go home-based. It also puts to rest any notion that home-based agents are new to the industry and inexperienced. Quite the contrary: they are some of the industry’s most experienced agents.

Happier at home

And a whopping 89% said they were happier now than when they worked in a bricks-and-mortar agency earlier in their careers.

The survey of almost 200 hosted travel agents across Canada included agents from all the leading host agencies. It was commissioned in December 2016 by The Travel Agent Next Door to gain further insight into the growing number of hosted agents and to determine how best to serve their needs in the future.

Agents surveyed were from different host agencies

The agents surveyed were currently affiliated with eight different host agencies from across Canada, with 12% not divulging who they were associated with.

“We will continue to invest in third-party independent surveys to understand this growing market and how best to serve them,” said Flemming Friisdahl, Founder, The Travel Agent Next Door. “We intend to continue to investigate home based agents and their needs.”

He said The Travel Agent Next Door will share its findings from these surveys with the industry and with suppliers.

Survey explains rapid growth in home-based agent sector

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