Bukhansan National Park

Stylish Seoul: Why You Should Go

South Korea’s capital is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Asia. It’s a city where futuristic skyscrapers overlook traditional temples, king’s palaces meet majestic mountains, and meals are a delectable, multi-course affair.  The city is still relatively undiscovered on the North American travel scene, yet it is teeming with tantalizing sights, sounds and smells.

Here’s why you should go now:

Korean Culinary Treasures

Korean Culinary Treasures

According to Lonely Planet, Seoul is home to “one of Asia’s least known, but most delicious, cuisines”.  When in Seoul, treat your taste buds to a hanjeongsik (multi-course Korean banquet.) Originating in the royal palaces and the homes of aristocrats, the feast is served on a shared table that everyone enjoys together. Go native and try sipping Makgeolli, a traditional Korean drink made from processed rice, to take in all the flavours of Seoul.

Mountain Hikes

Bukhansan National Park

Misty mountains ring the bustling city of Seoul, which means there are fabulous mountain trails to explore on foot. Discover some of South Korea’s gorgeous countryside, granite peaks, waterfalls and ridges, as well as several Buddhist temples, in Bukhansan National Park. This 80 square kilometre park stretches around Seoul and beyond, forming a haven for hikers, climbers and nature lovers.

Five Grand Palaces


Throughout the years, Korean royalty had many grand palaces built in Seoul, and five of them are currently open to the public. Visit each palace separately or buy an all-inclusive ticket that gets you into them all. Join a guided tour to look around World Heritage-listed Changdeokgung, the most beautiful of Seoul’s five main palaces. Built in 1405, it was designed to blend harmoniously with the natural environment and features a real-life secret garden.

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