What about your own vacation?

What about your own vacation?

You’ve probably planned many, many vacations for your clients.

But what about planning your own?

Since May was Mental Health Month, I’d like to remind you to take care of yourself and find time to take that well-earned time off.

I know as an ITA you have clients who expect you to be available 24/7. How can you manage their expectations and make sure you can provide them with the service they deserve, while looking out for yourself as well?

To start, it’s all about communication. As soon as you have an inkling of dates you’ll be unavailable, notify your clients and encourage them to contact you with any requests before you leave and reiterate that any requests which come in while you’re out will be addressed upon your return

Make sure your email signature is updated as early as possible with dates you’ll be unavailable and be sure to turn on your Out Of Office auto reply. Also, update your voicemail with a similar message and adding your planned absence. If your clients follow you, or contact you, on social media, note that you’re travelling and researching new destinations for their future travels.

Find a colleague to partner with during your absence who can help out in emergencies or last-minute bookings. It’s comforting to know someone has your back while you’re out, and know you only have to answer their call or text. You should do the same for them in return.

Lastly, if you feel you have to check your messages, limit it to a certain time each day. Try to schedule the time in advance, maybe first thing in the morning, before your day starts so that you can enjoy the rest of your day.

No matter what you do – find a partner, plan ahead, and tell your peers and clients alike – it’s most important to take some time for yourself!

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