Getting the most out of life – five minutes at a time

Getting the most out of life – five minutes at a time

Let’s say you are on hold (again). Or you’re waiting for that webinar to start. You’ve got 5 minutes to kill. Why just wish it away when you can use those 5 little minutes to your advantage? Here are some thoughts:

  • Update your to-do list (see more tips on that below). It will refresh your memory as to what you still have to do while giving you a ‘clean start’ to tomorrow.
  • Send a little note to a supplier or client telling them how much you appreciate them. Or, check your calendar for clients’ upcoming birthdays and prepare to contact them (score even more points with them if you send it by snail mail. That will definitely get attention!).
  • Do a quick clean up of your email inbox. Yes, it’s possible even five minutes at a time.
  • Do 50 (or 10, or 100) jumping jacks. Get up and move. It will clear the cobwebs and increase your energy. In fact, we should try to get five minutes of exercise every hour to reduce the evil results of sitting all day.
  • Post something on your favourite social media platform.
  • Clear off your desk. Clutter-clearing can be very satisfying.
  • Get outside, look at the sky, breathe deeply, and pat yourself on the back. Nature is wonderful and so are you!

As for your to-do list: consider leaving a specific section just for your 5-minute projects – that way you can achieve the satisfaction of crossing them off the list.

Also, be sure not to mix these in with bigger projects like working on that multi-country, six week itinerary. If you’re like me and can’t get rid of the paper list, consider using a separate notebook just for your ‘to-do’s’, and from personal experience, don’t use sticky notes – you’ll for sure lose those (or not have enough room).

Time is the ultimate equalizer: we all have exactly the same amount each day, no matter who we are or where we come from. But we all get to choose to how we use it!