Specialize your way to success (and happiness)

Specialize your way to success (and happiness)

“Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

I like that saying because it’s so true. Time flies when you love what you do – for us in travel, it can be piecing together that complex FIT, scoring that impossible upgrade, or getting that special event organized.

And there’s no better way to truly find your passion in this business than by specializing. Not only can it make your work more fulfilling, it makes sense for your business.


– Much of what we offer has become commoditized: does the average client really need you to book a hotel room or flight? The Internet can be wonderful, but it has stolen our clients. When you specialize, you can offer something the Internet will never be able to – your expertise: insider info, first-class contacts, and a huge timesaving on research.

– You get to spend your day immersed in what you love. Many independent advisors choose to

specialize in something that interests them personally – arts and culture, adventure, sports, cruising, or a geographic region such as Europe or Southeast Asia.

– You become more time-efficient. Because you are spending your time focused on the same niche, you build up a body of knowledge and a repertoire of connections. This can save hours you would lose if you had to switch gears between the business client travelling to NY, the friends who want a three-day Caribbean cruise, and the couple that wants to cycle through Ireland.

– If you do it right, your business will grow simply from referrals. Referrals are the least expensive and most highly effective way to get clients. Your clients talk about you and your expertise and that will result in referrals. Many advisors develop a client base around the world, thanks to their specialization and referrals.

– Your suppliers will treat you like gold. It’s not just clients who will help you build a successful business. When you become a solid and reliable advisor, partners will go out of their way to help you too.

Another saying? “The riches are in the niches” – and nowhere is that truer than in our industry!