Brad Ball, Global Director of Public Relations, Silversea
Brad Ball, Global Director of Public Relations, Silversea

Silversea: Keeping it simple – and luxurious

Brad Ball, Global Director of Public Relations, Silversea

Brad Ball, Global Director of Public Relations, Silversea

It’s a busy time for Silversea, having just launched its newest flagship Silver Muse earlier this month, which effectively expanded its fleet to nine luxury ships. To keep you up to date on its many new offerings, we sat down with Brad Ball, Global Director of Public Relations, who summarized Silversea’s appeal and how it stands apart – and sails ahead – from other cruise lines.

1. Silversea has announced several new and exciting announcements in recent months, including new voyages and refurbishments. Of all this, what do you think would make the biggest impact to the company in terms of growth and success?

Silversea has made quite a few exciting announcements this year, but our greatest has been the launch of our newest flagship, Silver Muse. The ninth ship in our fleet, she has redefined the ultra-luxury cruising experience with eight onboard dining venues, a sensory spa, and so much more. As we continue to invest in our entire fleet, Silver Muse gives guests a taste of what to come, and we couldn’t be more excited.

2. It seems that nowadays cruise lines are in a race to launch the most over-the-top onboard amenities. How would you say Silversea is keeping up with the competition, and what sets it apart?

While some cruise lines aim for over-the-top, Silversea keeps cruising simple, refined and timeless. To us, the tiniest details are what matter, which is why Silversea is associated with the highest standards of cruise excellence, and voyages that leave long-lasting memories of discovery and wonder. Each vessel is outfitted with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and a great amount of though is put into everything from decor details, to wine lists, to onboard expedition experts. Silversea has no need to race for over-the-top amenities, as we already make sure that only the best is made available for our guests.

3. What would you say is the top selling feature of Silversea Cruises that would make the difference for travel agents when closing the sale?

As an ultra-luxury, small ship cruise line, Silversea offers its guests the ultimate way to explore the most remote, hard-to-reach regions around the world, all while enjoying the highest standards in all-inclusive service. We are able to sail to over 800 remote destinations around the globe, accessing ports and waterways that our larger competitors can’t reach. Offering such a wide variety of top-tier cruise options definitely makes a difference.

4. Is there anywhere that Silversea does not sail to, but wishes it did?

We sail everywhere we possibly can as Silversea’s small-ship fleet can reach the most remote destinations around the world. We take pride in allowing our guests to explore the hottest destinations in a unique and intimate way.

5. What can we expect from Silversea in 2017?

Our newest flagship, Silver Muse, was launched and christened in April, and truly raises the bar for ultra-luxury cruising as an evolution of the Silversea hallmarks that set us apart from the competition. With this in mind, we’ll be launching Silver Cloud as an ice-class expedition vessel in November 2017, plus the newly refurbished Silver Whisper and Silver Explorer. Silversea is making a significant, US$170 million fleet-wide refurbishment investment to ensure that guests enjoy a renewed sense of luxury and comfort when sailing with us.

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