A new year, a new leaf: five resolutions to help your business grow

There’s nothing like a new year to give us all a great sense of beginnings and opportunities.

No wonder so many of us vow to turn over a new leaf, whether it means getting fitter or (in our business) working more successfully.

Here are some suggestions to make you more productive next year.

1. Devote one hour every day (time it!) to marketing your business. Use your favourite social media to continually get the word out that you are ready, willing and expert.

2. Devote two hours weekly to updating your contacts list. Add in birthdays and other significant dates, special interests, their reactions to their last holidays, likes and dislikes.

3. Research is important, and not just for the trips you are presently planning.  Read all you can get your hands on, including Conde Nast, National Geographic Traveler and other great magazines (airport bookstores have great travel mags you might not have seen before).  Don’t forget to send links and even clippings (don’t underestimate the attention-getting nature of snail mail) to your clients.

4. Stop work. Well, not stop exactly, but do get up from your desk and get some exercise every day, preferably outside. Go for a walk, get out on your bike, burn off some steam at the gym. It’ll clear your head and slim your waistline! (And don’t forget to take your business cards every time you leave home. You never know who you’ll run into!)

5. Vow to be the ‘glass is always half full person’. Don’t you prefer to be around positive people than negative people? Positivity acts like a magnet and as an independent travel professional, there’s nothing better than attracting people.

Good luck with your resolutions and a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2014 to all Hub readers!

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