“Never say no!” Worldview Travel is all about creating bespoke experiences

“Never say no!” Worldview Travel is all about creating bespoke experiences

“Never say no!” Worldview Travel is all about creating bespoke experiencesHaving just acquired Atlanta-based Century Travel earlier this summer, Worldview Travel has further cemented its position as a leader in luxury and corporate travel. The acquisition is indicative of the company’s rapid expansion, making it the world’s second largest Virtuoso agency with offices in Canada, the U.S. and Bermuda. We sit down with Karen Scott Caplice, Director, Business Development, to discuss what gives the company a leg up on the competition, and what more we can expect in 2016.

1. Tell us a little about Worldview Travel.

I’m based out of our Toronto head office at 2 Queen Street East. Worldview has numerous retail branches throughout the US, Bermuda and Canada. Several of our agency acquisitions are being transitioned to the Worldview brand this year. The full rebranding of Pisa Brothers New York was announced just this month. The Toronto and Montreal branches of The Travel Network will soon be operating under the Worldview Travel banner as well.

We are rapidly growing as a host agency that caters to luxury Independent Contractors. Currently as the second largest Virtuoso agency in the World, we’ve forged very close relationships that entitle us to many extra added-value perks. We can proudly state that our focus on luxury travel allows us to offer the highest tiered commissions with cruise, hotel and air.

2. In your own words, how would you define luxury travel?

I believe my many years of experience with high-end luxury products gives me a unique vantage point to truly understand what clients and advisors are looking for. The simple answer is to “never say no”! When your mindset is to create bespoke experiences that are fully customized, you can then create the pampered experience that luxury consumers and buyers alike are looking for. We succeed in the luxury category by dismissing the cookie-cutter approach and really honing in on individual needs. We want to create unforgettable dream vacations!

3. What destinations stand out to you as must-see for 2016 and 2017?

Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South America, specifically Peru and Chile, are hot destinations right now. Because we have experts with deep destination knowledge, we’ve seen how they can transform these vacations into that trip-of-a-lifetime experience people are looking for. Galapagos Islands are also very appealing this year and into 2017. These islands are one of the planet’s most magnificent natural environments. With family travel on the rise, this stunning paradise is the perfect choice.

4. List 3 things that give Worldview an edge over other tour operators.

First and foremost, aDX®. This is our proprietary software that allows Travel Advisors to one-stop shop. Imagine a platform that lets you book and ticket air while viewing commissions, search for cruises and hotels, and book Worldview Travel and Virtuoso offers and insurance. Plus, it’s integrated with ClientBase and Trams for easy invoicing. This allows users to be far more efficient and therefore earn more money! We’re very excited about aDX and welcome inquiries regarding the benefits. Another advantage we have is that we don’t charge membership fees to join. Our dedicated support for air, cruise, hotel and IT also gives us a huge edge.

5. What’s new for Worldview in 2016?

Worldview Travel wants to become Virtuoso’s number one agency in the world. We’re aggressively doing this through worldwide acquisitions and strengthening supplier relationships. Our recent acquisition of Atlanta’s Century Travel shows you the calibre of network we’re poised to build. One of our key business strategies is to expand our business base by attracting the best-of-the best luxury IC’s in the industry. But, with all of this on our plate, we never lose track of creating both business and travel experiences that are instep with current needs. You can definitely count on very exciting times ahead!

For more information on Worldview Travel go to worldviewtravel.com.

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