Little projects, and some big ones too, to help make spring cleaning dreams a reality

Little projects, and some big ones too, to help make spring cleaning dreams a reality

Ah, spring cleaning. Does that bring on fears of facing the closet with clothes that you’ve had far too long and know you should get rid of – but somehow can’t? Kitchen cupboards filled with who-knows-what? Or a desk with ‘piles’ that only you know the order of? Even Marie Kondo said she can’t keep up with the organization.

I know all too well about procrastinating, especially when it comes to cleaning. But there is something to be said for getting rid of the winter cobwebs (literal and figurative) and freshening up our homes, and our offices – home ones or otherwise.

Here are some ideas to get the juices flowing. Let’s start with some little projects:

  1. Clean out your drawers, and don’t cheat by just rooting through them and tossing out bits of paper. Empty them completely to know what you truly need and use and what can be discarded. It may be time to invest in some drawer organizers, labels, and maybe even a label maker.
  2. Go through your files. What can’t be tossed should be labelled and filed. Make two groups: all the files that can be tossed out six months from now, and the ones to go a year from now. Make a point of keeping this promise to yourself and cycling files into those groupings.
  3. If you find your desktop is cluttered, consider arranging items (stapler, pens, chargers, hand lotion) on a tray. Instant tidiness! Add a flameless candle or splurge on some flowers to brighten things up.
  4. Business cards are still regularly used in our business but can add to the clutter (and how should you file them – by name or by company or by business category?) TheCamcard appwill scan those cards and you can add details and store them by your own categories e.g. Italian suppliers, Spas, etc.

Now onto some bigger stuff:

  1. A new coat of paint or a wall of wallpaper can give your workspace a whole new fresh feel and look. Even re-arranging your wall art can do wonders.
  2. Have you considered moving the furniture around? It will give you a new outlook.
  3. A large pegboard, corkboard or whiteboard can help you organize your thoughts, keep track of client itineraries – or, with thoughtful sayings and beautiful pictures, be a source of inspiration.
  4. A rolling cart may be the solution to several problems. You can keep current files literally at arm’s length and then store it away at the end of the day. A handy solution, especially if your home office has to do double duty as a guest room, dining room, etc.


Do you have any additional ideas you want to share? Let me know! You can find me at

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