Let’s talk travel with Trafalgar
Anita Emilio, Vice President of Trafalgar Canada

Let’s talk travel with Trafalgar

Let’s talk travel with Trafalgar

Anita Emilio, Vice President of Trafalgar Canada

After 72 years of delivering travel experiences, we can safely assume that Trafalgar loves to talk about travel. Now the company is once again taking that same love of travel on the road with its ‘Love to Talk Travel’ events, which kicked off at the start of the month in locations across Canada.

In this edition of Friday Five, we sit down with Anita Emilio, Vice President of Trafalgar Canada to get the scoop on these events, what agents can learn from them and what’s to come in 2019.

1. Is this the first year Trafalgar has hosted Trafalgar Talks, and how did the idea come about?

This is the eighth season Trafalgar has been hosting the Trafalgar ‘Love to Talk Travel’ events. They are amazing events where travel experts can invite qualified guests to a fun and interactive evening with cocktails, canapes and conversation. The idea came about as an opportunity for agents to have Trafalgar speak directly to their clients about what the experience of travelling with us would be like.

2. What will participants learn specifically at these Talks? And is it free to attend?

All Trafalgar’s ‘Love to Talk Travel’ events are free to attend and include great opportunities for show savings and to win some great prizes. The presentation will talk about travel trends, what’s new in the market and some special stories from our very own passionate and dedicated travel experts.

3. Are agents able to attend? How is Trafalgar positioning it so that agents get something out of it too? 

Absolutely, we are always #AgentsFirst at Trafalgar and value the long-standing partnerships we have with our travel community. We host these events Canada-wide so they are easy for our loyal Canadian agents and their clients to attend and make that final booking decision. We have incredible success with the events, which means our agents leave with converted sales.

4. What were some high points in the Summer 2018 season that will carry momentum into next year? 

Europe is HOT and not just in the summer months. Scandinavia, Italy, Ireland remain strong destinations. Up and comers include Croatia and Egypt.

5. What’s new for Trafalgar in 2019? 

Trafalgar’s new 2019 Europe and Britain program includes 116 handcrafted itineraries to 220 cities and we have introduced five new European itineraries in 2019, including the following: a 10-day ‘Family Experience’ trip style, ‘Shamrocks and Leprechauns with no shortage of memorable moments for family members of all ages, our 14-day ‘Treasures of Spain and Portugal’ is our only Trafalgar trip to combine the iconic cities of Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Barcelona and Seville, and our 11-day ‘Best of Croatia and Slovenia’ a shorter duration itinerary covering the highlights of these two trending Eastern European destinations and much, much more! Trafalgar is also thrilled to announce the launch of their 2019 Africa program as well as Costsaver’s new 2019 Asia program.

For a list of all ‘Love To Talk Travel’ dates and cities, please visit TrafalgarEvents.com.

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