Two recipes from Iberostar as part of its Honest Food initiative

TORONTO — As part of its dedication to fighting food waste, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts is looking to create a lasting change through its Honest Food commitment.

The company says it has adopted more sustainable food practices from within and is also inspiring guests to be part of this change, even after they leave the hotel.


Food waste is a major global issue, with the U.N. reporting up to a third of all food worldwide goes to waste. “Canadians are recognizing the importance of making sustainable choices to reduce our impact. In fact, nearly half of Canadian travellers believe that people need to act now and make sustainable travel choices to save the planet for future generations,” says Iberostar.

Currently Iberostar sources 90% of the food served at its hotels worldwide from local suppliers, and focuses on recipes that incorporate seasonal and natural ingredients.



In addition, in an effort to preserve the marine ecosystem, the hotel group has committed to serving only sustainable fish species. As one example, Iberostar hotels in the DR stopped serving 34 kinds of seafood, and worldwide, it has converted 15% of its total seafood procurement to suppliers certified by partner organizations that set the standards for sustainable fishing.

In recognition of World Food Day on Oct. 16, Iberostar released two recipes, developed by Iberostar’s chefs, to inspire the preparation of delicious meals using fresh, natural and local ingredients whenever possible.

. The Perfect Patatas Bravas – An homage to Iberostar’s Spanish roots

. The Best Mexican Quesadillas – Paying tribute to the local culture where Iberostar has numerous locations

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