How do I get customers if I go home-based?

How do I get customers if I go home-based?

How do I get customers if I go home-based?

One of the most often-stated fears of agents who are considering going home-based is “How will I attract new customers?”

Typically, these agents work for a bricks and mortar location, or for an agency chain, and have never had to be responsible for bringing customers through the door. When you work for these traditional agencies, customers either literally walk into your location, or your agency markets itself in the community or has other ways of securing customers.

You likely have a good client list now, but in many cases, you may be restricted from taking your client list with you when you leave your employer agency to go home based – although in some cases you may be able to take clients with you.

So what is the answer?

The answer is to look for a host agency that offers the best programs to help you get customers. It is so important to really understand what is offered and to take the time to ask a lot of questions before you decide which host agency to choose.

You want to see if your host agency has a good marketing program – one that can be customized to promote YOU. Look for a good e-mail marketing system, as well as regular mail and of course, social media.

Does your host agency provide you with your own bookable website? What about a good referral program?

But in addition to all this, which will ensure you have all the right tools in place to promote yourself you will need to be willing to put in some effort too. It is very important to learn to network in your community … at schools, children’s sports events, golf clubs, tennis clubs, community groups and places of worship.

And the most important thing you can do when you make the decision to go home based?  Have realistic expectations. Yes, it will take a little time to build up your own group of customers. You have to allow yourself some time and budget for this.

But with good marketing tools to support you and a good networking plan in your community, you can be on your feet with a thriving business before long.

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